Be Your Own Boss

  • Site Selection Selecting an appropriate site for your business location is a major decision to say the least. The type of industry you are going into will determine the [...Continue reading]
  • Business Entity Choosing the correct business structure or entity for your company is a major decision. Do not make this choice hastily or without serious contemplation. This [...Continue reading]
  • One Page Business Plan


    If the thought of writing a business plan sends chills down your spine, but you know it’s important to put your ideas and goals in writing, then why not start with a [...Continue reading]
  • This could be the best time in recent history to get in the game. Want to know how to start a food truck of your own? Or looking for a food truck business plan? Certainly [...Continue reading]
  • Advertising


    There are so many different directions you can take with your advertising. With many businesses it’s a matter of trial and error. You can spend an awful lot of money while [...Continue reading]
  • Straight from the horse’s mouth as they say…Small business owners answer the question: “What I wish I’d known before starting my business.” [...Continue reading]
  • Signage


    Allow plenty of time for signage needs. Sign Permits Be sure you check with your city for permit requirements and limitations. There are likely very specific requirements as [...Continue reading]
  • Start Up Costs


    This is where reality sets in and the idea of starting your own business gets scary. Start up costs can quickly add up. You need to be fully prepared for these expenses, [...Continue reading]
  • Your STATE Requirements


    How to Start a Business In: NOTE: Most of the state sites recommend a business plan. Remember to come back here to to learn how to write a business [...Continue reading]
  • How to Register a Business This will be a fairly short section because this is a relatively simple process. No doubt you have already chosen your business name. You need to [...Continue reading]


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