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This section is fairly self explanatory and one of the easier pieces. This is where you write about yourself. The most important thing you want to highlight is your experience in relation to your chosen industry. You will likely be required to turn in a typical resume also. But in the business plan itself, you will only write about your employment history that will show how you are qualified to run your own business.

If you don’t have direct experience then highlight the business end. Do you have any financial, accounting, bookkeeping, cash management or banking experience? Mention how that will help you track your business’ finances.

You will also write about your management team plans. Who will make up the management team? What are their qualifications and experience? What roles will they play in your business? How will their skills compliment yours?

This is the Owner/Management section from the Business Plan Examples (for a small wedding chapel):

Owner’s Background 

 [Owner’s Name] brings to the business a varied background including ten years experience in accounting/financial positions. The past six years she has worked at a Fortune 100 company, handling capital and expense budgets in excess of $200 million per year. This background will prove helpful in tracking The Victorian Wedding Chapel’s financial status.

[Owner’s Name] is known for her attention to detail and ability to meet all deadlines. She also possesses a talent for discovering and implementing efficiencies that will translate to the private sector by continuously looking for ways to grow and improve the business.

This experience has provided exposure to a large networking field of professionals which will be tapped for mentoring, marketing and word-of-mouth advertising.

Additionally, [Owner’s Name] bilingual (Spanish) ability will enable her to further grow the client base from the extensive Hispanic community in and around Anytown county.

[Owner’s Name] is a long-time resident of Anytown, USA (proposed location).  This gives her a unique perspective and genuine desire to grow a successful business in her hometown. She is well acquainted with other area businesses which she intends to utilize in her marketing plan.

You’ll notice that without direct experience in the wedding industry I highlighted other skills. Again, this was a fairly short essay.

Well there you go. Your first section completed! Now do you believe you can do this? Just try that first part (or whatever part sounds easiest to you). It’s just a few sentences. Don’t let a few sentences keep you from your start up dream.

See? Learning how to write a business plan is not the impossible task you thought it was!

Let’s keep the momentum going. Next we’ll work on Product/Service. Another fairly easy section. 

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